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In Pakistan Mobile Phone-Making Industry of The National Economy and Security Role In

In Pakistan Mobile Phone-Making Industry of The National Economy and Security Role In

The”through the mobile phone talking to you I am“ these are the words of Martin Cooper, who 3اپریل 1973 a mobile phone from the world’s First Call of which the ten hours to charge after only a half hour thing may be was it they call which is going forward, not only human history, turning changed but also communications, business systems, Economy and industry to a new dimension and destination and the Fourth Industrial Revolution laid the foundation of

”Through the mobile phone talking to you I am“ these are the words of Martin Cooper, who 3اپریل 1973 a mobile phone from the world’s First Call of which the ten hours to charge after only a half hour thing may be was it they call which is going forward, not only human history, turning changed but also communications, business systems, economy and industry to a new dimension and destination and the Fourth Industrial Revolution laid the foundation of it.

Although the first industrial revolution steam engine the invention of the Second Industrial Revolution, electrical energy from the wide-scale product manufacture, while the Third Industrial Revolution کمپیوٹرا ئزیشن and information technology to the entire world and way of life quickly changed and put on.
But today we in technology revolution-such a Brink on the stand where the spectrum use of the possibilities of the new window open you are to.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution lifestyle, style and style have radically changed the Placing will. Billions of people will use mobile devices which is artificial intelligence, machine learning, ربوٹکس the internet off تھنگز, auto vehicles, three /فورڈی printing, اگمنٹڈ MTV, neuro-tech, Nano-Technology, Bio-technology, مادیاتی science, energy storage, and quantum computing, the use of the processing of unprecedented power, data storage and Information Access capability in several times to increase the features of possessing one.

Which with each other by connecting five-G and machine intelligence rhythm of miles of high-speed growth, endless opportunities create will have. گویاہمہ color items and devices without human intervention, other things can be attributed to Visible will not. It is the industrial revolution one-directional instead of multi-lateral will. The data of extreme speed and their سامانیوں with our door knocking on it.

Today, if the telecom sector in the international context to be seen and the data be reviewed so almost seven hundred and fifty mobile operators and three hundred and fifty companies, regulators, financial institutions, industry published and the relevant sector organizations in the system are included. Five-G from the arrival of television of the ECM industry from the traditional business rapidly changing environment, as Will you.

Artificial intelligence the future of the business of the primary component and the key value will be in. Today the world’s population of 67 per cent, i.e. 5.1 billion over those mobile services mentioned are doing.1.9 per cent growth rate from 2025 in the mobile consumer تعداد5.8بلین will reach it. That of the world’s population 71فیصد brings almost 710ملین people in the next 7 years in the mobile services will include it.

Which 359ملین Asia Pacific and 165ملین Africa region will have. Furthermore the next seven years میں1.4بلین people for the first time, mobile internet usage will start to to. Which total mobile internet users, the number of the world’s population, 60% of IE 5بلین will reach it.While it O. T connections, the number of 9.1 billion from 25.2 billion will reach-
Social ومعاشی growth in the telecom sector the prominent role in.

In 2018, mobile technologies and services حصہ3.9ٹریلین dollars, which was the world GDP of 4.6 percent causes an estimated 2023 up to 4.8 trillion dollars will reach, is global GDP کا4.8فیصد will. The next fifteen years, in five-G Technology from the international economy 2.2 trillion dollars, the part is expected to. And five-G’s coming from the 2020 480بلین dollar investment is likely to.
While it O T of revenue 1.1 trillion dollars will be reached on.

Surface زگار regarding the telecom sector میں31 million people in 14ملین indirect and 17ملین indirectly connected, while the telecom sector has 500بلین dollars more than in the public sector part ڈالاہے it. Mobile links, this growing rate of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals goals to achieve in not only highly supportive and developing countries, improving the economy in helpful be will! But also agriculture, education, health, marketing, online shopping, advertising, banking sector and the digital currency revolution foreshadowed prove to be successful.

As recently Facebook digital currency issuance announcement of the future currency in the direction of determine the occupation of Tunisia. At the international level موٹرولا the 1983ء in the world’s first mobile phone Burrell tech 8000x back شل on the foundations introduced by mobile-making industry founded in.Which price 4ہزار the American dollar was.2018ء it HS market according to the survey 1410ملین smart phone sales while جو60فیصد users use this 2025 up to 79% of youth be, may be. Today the Korean company Samsung in the international market, 20.5 percent share, with the monopoly get on. The Chinese company ہواوے14.6فیصد share drastically with second place on managed to make it.

And ایپل14.53فیصد share with the third number on is gone. While اوپو the شاؤمی, Nokia, ویوا and LG etc. in the market proper location format.Mobil phones in the operating system, پراسسرز, chips, circuit boards, conductor and semi-conductor utmost importance are. This presumptuous right design, long lasting battery, smart سپیکرز and more Lenz/زومنگ who cam in consumer demand, boosting himself.International عشاریوں and consumer demand given the mobile maker companies for your business کوتوسیع giving are last year the Samsung fifty billion cost of the world’s largest mobile phone-making factory in India applied it.

At the national level if the telecom sector be reviewed if 1996 after PTA the establishment of the telecom sector with the continuum is moving, the authority of the successful policies, positive measures, professional practices, new business opportunities and customers the best services access to the National Construction and sustainable economic development play an important role in doing.Today mobile users, the number of 161ملین and the number of internet users 70ملین crossing Mill in which each month a gradual increase in see coming in.

The telecom sector in the last fifteen years 20.135 billion US dollars invested over centuries. Pakistan Economic سروے2018-19 according to the Department of telecom investment and performance in terms of peak of a few sectors and licensees to the business and investment of the equal opportunities available to them.GSMA according to the Pakistan telecom sector of Pakistan’s economy in 17بلین dollar is part of it. Pakistan’s GDP of 5.4 percent, and four million fifty thousand jobs calling hence and indirect support available to them.

PTA of where Pakistan Vision 2025 under the accelerated development targets, with an increase in the production of the best regulatory measures, thanks to jobs, opportunities and investment to expand the key role in which is acknowledged the national and international لااقوامی institutions reports and data from عیا of it.There PTA, Telecom Policy 2015 section 15.4 in the light of the local level on the mobile making industry to promote an important step in. Mobile phone sets of the local level on the preparation of action to encourage type-approved companies active make the rules introduced are aimed in Pakistan, mobile phone sets of Industry Investment /manufacture of plant to establish is this is a first step.

The rules introduced to be carried after 28سے more than companies, the mobile local level on the preparation for the allowed IS and full are bought active اسمبلنگ plants can be installed on. Where the semi-nasal online (SKD) mobile sets of اسمبلنگ is going on. And monthly on average a million more than standard mobile set are getting ready to move in the market under 3200 from زائدملازمتوں opportunities are born, while on the other hand the professional skills of individuals in this sector your skills and try the best of the opportunities while there.

PTA in the future high quality and international level boasts mobile sets of the local level on the process of preparing to expand is committed to. Government-sponsored and other relevant government agencies and stakeholders to share this process rapidly moving the country in the mobile making industry can be promoted to. The local level on the mobile phone making, how to promote the that can be given, and the domestic economy and on national security and what impact can it learn from the first two examples, let’s review
Economic growth in the mobile-making the importance of assessing this an example of لگایاجا can.

Finland is Europe’s 55لاکھ on the other, contains a country is and its a small ساشہر ”Nokia“ highly important and interesting of importance ہے90 of the decade in this city of the mobile phone industry bringing about a revolution in the company my name was and art لینڈکی economy in the world the most prosperous make helped was. Research Institute of Finnish economy according to the from 1998 to 2007, during Finland, the rate of growth in Nokia’s share was a quarter of.

This duration the Finland Finance Minister of economy of the miracle says it this time, a way of engineering the dream was. Only Nokia a model of ”نوکیا1100“ 250ملین more than set sales using that electrical gadgets in the history of the best sailing device a record of it. And in 2014 Microsofts the Nokia mobile phone maker unit to 7.44 billion dollars in the purchase which is with the Nokia 32000ملازمین also Microsoft to move away.This amount is more than the as Pakistan from the IMF its economy handled to give as a loan, take it.In the 21st century conflicts in the most important in the technology sector outstripped the war would be on.

Modern ٹیکنالوجیزکے coming from cyber-security problems, حسا affordable access to information, the confidential information of the acquisition, reconnaissance, vulnerabilities, government and industrial secrets, stealing military strategy, economic benefits to lose and neural networking which not only the fingerprints of. the master print would become but also machine learning .ایلگورتھم thousands of fake fingerprints also developed which can be that. The security of system to great risk and a serious challenge Recently, many countries have security concerns present in other countries of the modern mobile phones.

The restrictions are attached because their In such chips or tipped off devices, which may be other countries in the security of. the break ups can furthermore stress the time of their services in. the close from which you can big loss of fear, might like to Google Huawei for services rendered to be prevented by it.
At the local level mobile manufacture of such numerous problems from safe رہاجا can.

In Pakistan, on an average annual basis, nearly two crore more than the mobile phone imports are being technology. in the field of the global scenario, the future requirements of the region’s population, especially the UN 17جون2019 global population estimate of title from. The published reports of this century during the population rise most in Pakistan. India and Nigeria will be in the Ora as Century at the end of Pakistan’s population, two-fold will.

Increase in population due to future needs and use of the present نظرخصوصا Pakistan, while usually in the region of the mobile phone in the demand too is expected to rise in. At the local level mobile phones from. The preparation of not only the domestic needs of the multi-exchange can be saved but also. The economy strengthening and the domestic security protection to ensure also helpful can be.


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